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“I May Not Accept Your Insurance, But I Will Always Accept You”

Just for the record: I am happy to see you—irrespective of your insurance.

I will not sign a contract with a health Insurance that:

  • Abuses and bullies me and/or my patients.
  • Decides to not pay for Natural thyroid protocols to help people with their complex thyroid problems.
  • Denies all my first claims.
  • Reimburses me so little that I may go out of business.
  • Leverages a $50 penalty against me when my patients accidentally go to out-of-network labs.
  • Charges me hundreds of dollars of “membership fees” before I’m allowed to see their patients.
  • Offers me a contract that dictates my responsibility for THEIR legal fees if they determine I did something wrong.
  • Keeps me on hold and rotating through multiple phone lines while never addressing my concerns.
  • Treats me like a criminal.
  • Assigns me patients who have not selected me as their doctor.
  • Pays me through a complex formula that even a mathematical prodigy can’t understand.
  • Adjustors that have never had a day of medical training decide what is paid and not paid.
  • Penalizes me financially if I don’t use the type of computer system that they think I should use.
  • Penalizes me financially if I don’t electronically submit my claims forms the way they think I should.
  • Threatens me and my colleagues every year with all sorts of financial penalties if we don’t do what they (non-physicians) think we should be doing.

My choice to end my relationships with abusive insurance companies will never impact the quality of the care that you’ll receive from me. I will always care for you even if I do not care for your insurance company.


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