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Pro-biotics and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

By Doc Don Davis            .................. Probiotics are collections of certain bacteria that are considered helpful in maintaining gut health. They are the intestinal fixers that just about everyone has heard of. Even the stomach doctors -the gastroenterologists are beginning to suggest their use. That's because there have been hundreds of studies showing that probiotics are a big help when the gut is acting up. I'm won't go into the definition and causes of Irritable bowel syndrome here, you can see the other videos on our site for that. Let's just say that it's all about bloating, gas, altered bowel habits and abdominal pain. But are probiotics the right thing to use when trying to rid yourself of IBS? Well, Yes and No. I know that's a lousy answer but I think I can clear up the problem in short order. IBS is commonly associated with…

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Probiotics And Stress

By Doc Don Davis            .................. Recently in the British Journal of Nutrition, a very solid study that was double blind, placebo-controlled and randomized-all those sciency things, looked at the relationship of probiotics on stress and mood. They did this by measuring the stress hormone cortisol from the adrenal gland along with providing 4 different stress questionnaires, while patients were taking probiotics of two species of bacteria Lactobacillus helveticus and Bifidobacterium longum. These are two of the more important and numerous bacteria in the healthy gut. They found after one month there were decreases in anger, hostility, anxiety, depression and psychological distress with a simultaneous decrease in cortisol levels. Clearly, this shows that there is a connection between the kind of bacteria that reside in your colon and your stress levels controlled by the stress hormone cortisol. Doctors have been trying to get a foothold on…

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Got Bloat? Could be SIBO!

By Doc Don Davis            ..................     Hi there, it’s Dr. Davis again, and today I’ll be talking about one of the more common tests I use in the office for testing SIBO or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. If you haven’t herd about SIBO, it’s a condition where bacteria migrate into the small intestine, where they’re not supposed to be.  This interferes with the assimilation of nutrients from food, along with causing bad smelling gas, bloating and pain.  Sounds a lot like IBS doesn’t it.  Well, that’s because most people with IBS have SIBO.    In fact, some researchers like Dr. Mark Pimentel at UCLA feel that SIBO is present in the vast majority of IBS patients. This is based on experimental and clinical studies that show that when SIBO is treated effectively, the symptoms of IBS many times can be completely resolved.  That’s big news…

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Hand Sanitizers: Do you need them?

By Doc Don Davis            .................. It feels good to be clean, but nothing beats getting dirty. In a way, that’s seems to be the American dilemma, we try as best we can to have it both ways. But the American media and especially advertising has suggested that the only option is to clean everything in sight, and several places we can’t see. I’ve been a bystander during this social change, opting to use soap and water, but the tide changed when I was working out and got a nasty look from a woman who made a big display of wiping down my hamstring machine after I was done. The situation was so awkward that I felt compelled to travel over to the dispenser and get the “court ordered” hand wipe, to allay my guilt. But then I had second thoughts. Thoughts solidly based on recent…

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Smart Phones and Text Neck

By Doc Don Davis            ..................   Please take a moment and look at the people on the street.  The majority have their heads down and eyes locked on a smart phone.  Oblivious to the outside world, elbows flexed, neck bent, friends ignored -- an ergonomic/postural disaster that’s putting the strangle hold on spines and nervous systems across the planet. The numbers are truly staggering. With 7.3 billion cell phones (more than human beings) in the world, and 7 trillion text messages sent in 2011 alone, I think it’s safe to say, “Houston, we’ve got a problem”.     Many of us are aware that texting can cause injuries such as “Texting Thumb” or the 1,200+ people that wound up in emergency rooms last year from distractedly walking into signposts while texting. But a more insidious, and more pervasive, texting-related injury is “Text-Neck”--- caused by the…

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The 7 IBS – Thyroid Connections

By Doc Don Davis            .................. Today, I’d like to talk to you about the relationship of IBS and your thyroid. In the past, and unfortunately some doctors still feel this way, IBS was considered a diagnosis of exclusion, where the doctor would finally label your symptoms as IBS when they couldn’t think of anything else to call it. As you can imagine, this didn’t lead to much in the way affective treatment. But IBS research has advanced so much in the last 5 years that it has cleared the path to a much fuller understanding of the cause and effects of IBS.One of the most important relationships it turns out is with low thyroid function Thyroid function is surprisingly complex, with hormones changing into other hormones, organs affecting other organs, brain-thyroid crosstalk, and the gut affecting pretty much everything. The thyroid gland affects the energy…

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